Life Skills

Programs are designed to equip students with practical skills to lead a productive life in their future. While part-time jobs are typically available, they are not guaranteed. Here are a few program options.

  • Individual student assessment of desired career path
  • Part-time jobs may be available during program
  • Prepare for college
  • Take online classes during the program

Carpentry Program

Have you wanted to learn how to build a house?

  • Gain hands-on experience with residential carpentry
  • Learn the ground-up construction process
  • Earn income while earning experience
  • Work alongside carpentry professionals
  • Gain a Carpentry Certificate upon completion

Aviation Program

Have you wanted to become a pilot or airplane mechanic?

Become A Pilot

  • Fly with our instructor!
  • Partnership with True North Aviation flight school
  • Take ground school classes
  • Begin building flying hours

Flight Training Cost

  • Minimum: $8,021
  • Average: $12,369
  • For Questions contact: Abi

Become an Airplane Mechanic

  • Partnership with Lake Clark Air
  • On the job training as an mechanic apprentice
  • Work toward a Mechanic Assistance Certificate

Barista / Small Business management program

Have you ever wanted to learn to be a Barista? At TLC we provide on the job training at our non-profit coffee shop, “Properly Ground”.  We give students real world experience serving customers by:
  • Taking orders using a point of sale system
  • Making espresso drinks
  • Baking/cooking treats to serve
  • Ordering food and supplies
  • Using Quickbooks software

Other Job or Volunteer Opportunities

  • Custom sewing business apprenticeship
  • Positions at the local Tanalian School
  • Dispatch and other jobs at a local air taxis
  • Housekeeping jobs