Building Godly Leaders in Southwest Alaska

The Tanalian Leadership Center is a place where Native Alaskan young men and women are challenged to grow in every area of their lives. The dynamic atmosphere of Biblical studies, career development and community mentoring offer continual opportunities for personal transformation. We ultimately believe that it is Jesus Christ who changes a person from the heart. Each student will be transformed proportionally to his or her individual desire to be more like Christ. Our desire is to see these students become leaders helping create healthy communities in Southwest Alaska.

Why Tanalian?


Robert sawing

Biblical studies, career development and mentoring are the three transformational aspects of the Tanalian Leadership Center.



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Program Dates
October 3, 2016 – May 13, 2017


Sophia & Brittany Tanalian Give

Partner with us to see lives and communities transformed in Southwest Alaska.

“I thank God for the role Tanalian Bible Camp and the Tanalian Leadership Center have played in my life. I believe God will use this ministry to radically change hearts and shape the future of Alaska.”

Girla SorensenClass 2013